Skills For Business. Skills for Life.

If you’re done sifting through endless hacks, tips and methods… If you’re ready to take specific steps that bring clarity to life and business. If you’re tired of the overwhelm of ideas, options, and new trends.
Stop Searching.

Learn the skills to create your own plan and strategy.
Grow your business while actually enjoying your life now.

Creator of Systems & Bringer of Sanity
Founder of My Designed Life

“With her help, our business went from an idea to the top rated club for over 7 years.”
– Maureen Han, Club Bubbles

"Tanya has shown me an entire different way to approach my goals to make them real and attainable. I never thought about approaching life in such a methodical way and now I can see the progress everyday."
Mina Yi
Administrative Director, IA Financial
"She understand the nuances of being an entrepreneur and what it takes to get a business off the ground. She looks not only at the business but also at you and your personal hurdles and potential roadblocks."
Owner, Lean Body Fit Camp
"Tanya knows what it takes not only to get a business up and running but how to keep it on top of your market. She guided me step by step with her expert advice and marketing knowledge to ensure success! With her help, our business went from an idea to the top rated club for over 7 years."
Maureen Han
Owner, Club Bubbles
"Working with Tanya has not only helped me move my business forward but she has shown me that I can do anything I set my mind to. She knows her stuff and she will teach you all the amazing ways to market, stay on track and focused."
Debra Iverson
Owner, Deb's Health & Fitness

Personal Development Meets Smarter Business

"I need work/life harmony"

You are your business. Drop the battle to separate the two. Integrate the best of both worlds. Get the tools to clarify your business strategy and upgrade your daily life.

Three Ways to Learn

All Premium Courses are Available in 3 Formats.


Self-paced online courses for individuals.

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Private Training

Virtual and Onsite options for Business & Organizations

Whatever Your Jam, We Got the Bread You Need

Many Ways to Win you can focus on what matters.

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Too many courses focus only on theory and ideas.
We jump into strategy and specific steps.
Develop skills and tools that you will put into action right away so you can create a sustainable business and life you love now.

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