Tired of spending more time building a business
than making an impact?

One more Instagram post,
Weekly newsletter,
Clubhouse meeting,
Facebook Live…

Instead of serving the people you want to help.

Whether you just started
or you've been at this for a while,
ALL the "shoulds" get overwhelming

You should run ads.

You should do Instagram Reels. 

You should do webinars. 

You should blog. 

You should start a podcast. 

You should be on pinterest. 

You should have a Youtube Channel

...and You should also be paying the bills.

You're running out of hours to do "more stuff"
If something doesn't budge, this business will soon be over…

“Tanya has shown me an entire different way to approach my goals to make them real and attainable.” 
Mina Yi, Administrative Director IA Financial

You don’t need more freebies, tips or hacks.

You need a system.

You need a clear, consistent, and measurable process to find clients to serve and delight. A system tailored to you, based on universal business practices and psychology instead of fleeting trends.
Something that allows you to authentically curate each step of the journey. From how clients find you (ATTRACT), to how they get value (CONVERT) to becoming your most loyal fans (DELIVER).




No Gimmicks. No “magic” Methods.

A solid process that allows you to accomplish all you want...your way

Businesses don’t fail because they’re missing some “secret” guru method

They fail because they: 

  • Don’t know their best customer (target audience)
  • Don’t have a clear strategy plan
  • Don’t have enough cash flow
  • Do Passive marketing (If I get out there enough they’ll find me and give me a call)
  • Only see things one way
  • Expand too fast (20+ products, 10 social media channels, a book and a podcast) 
  • Getting caught up in administrative tasks
  • Have No automation
  • Are Not walking the walk (your own breakthroughs, self care & investment)
  • Don’t know how to market themselves
  • Have Unreliable sales processes (or none at all)
  • Have an Unscalable business model

You have an impact to make. 
You know you can make a difference. 
You know you can change lives…

No more lone wolf

Create a solid, functioning business
that’s ready for Profit
...in 8 Weeks

Stop googling.
Don’t sign up for another freebie or challenge.
Don’t post one more thing… anywhere.

We’re going to focus specifically on what moves the needle, for YOU!
We’re going to identify the exact plan for YOUR unique business.

And put each piece together, so you can focus on what matters.

The Ready for Profit Program

THIS IS NOT a course.

An 8-week LIVE Implementation
Mentorship Program

This is not a DIY, at-your-pace kind of thing…
I’m not just showing you the path, I’m going down it with you.


We’ll meet together LIVE each week.
You’ll know the exact steps to take
You’ll have the tools for action.


This is the hardware store and instruction manual.
No more guessing, overthinking or doubting that you’re on track.

You’ll Know Exactly

What to do.

How to do it.

When to do it.

This Program Includes:

Impact for our Clients

How it works

Direct Support, Guidance & Accountability each step of the way

LIVE Lessons Each Monday
LIVE Coaching Call Every Thursday Project Reviews & Feedback
Hotseats & Troubleshooting
Specific Weekly Goals
Private Support

You DO have other options


NOT For:

Our Happy Clients!

If you're on the fence or not sure if getting support is for you, I say do it! Tanya was able to guide and teach me, allowing my own essence to come out, and then she showed me how to give my essence a voice and a form, and she opened this door for me to serve the right customers and followers.
Lihi Ben Haim
Creative Express Studio
This woman has a wisdom and light that extends in all directions. I would recommend her to anyone, her guidance is always thoughtful and on point.
Jamie Crowley
Meditation Instructor & Kung Fu Teacher
I am very thankful I've had the opportunity of working with Tanya, the skills she has taught me are utterly priceless.
Michelle Laciste
Account Executive, Fictiv

Iglika, Iglika Co

Women Led Tech

Ben Douglas

Lady Buddha Kombucha

Bridget March

Artist & Owner March Gallery

Your 8 Week Journey:

Week 1:
Clarify & Validate Your Product

Set it up with clear features, benefits, results and unique sales propositions. Create a Graduations model allowing clients to grow with you. Gather “VOC” allowing you to sync your message with what they need.

Week 2:
Craft Your Brand, Upgrade Your Purpose

Finalize your colors, logo, tagline and battle cry for a cohesive brand that resonates with those you want to serve.

Week 3:
Attract Customers, Create Your Lead Magnet

Learn the only three ways anyone can attract customers. Choose your path, field of play, and value offering to connect with potential clients.

Week 4:
Your Unique Sales Plan & Process

Determine the type of sales process that resonates most with you and develop it from beginning to end.

Week 5:
Build Your Audience

Learn all about Messaging, Basic Copywriting for Conversion, and Create Your a Landing page to build your audience and facilitate your sales process.

Week 6:
Start Your Email Marketing Plan

Create an Email automation and learn the basics of email marketing to nurture a warm audience to sales.

Week 7:
Make Your 30 day Content Plan

Learn how to curate a content plan based on your business goals and value for your followers. Choose how you will show up over the next 30 days.

Week 8:
Final Review & Launch

Take all your hard work and put it out into the world. Measure, test, revise, and do it again.

+2 Weeks:
Bonus Coaching Support

At the end of this program you will:

Are you Ready for a Clear Path to Profit?

Stop guessing. 

Stop doing it alone. 

Do the Work You Love

Be supported. Be guided.

…in real time. 

Join NOW

Other Programs:

Somba Kickstart: $3700

B School: $2000

Get More Clients: $1500


Starts March 29th




Live lessons


Coaching sessions




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Got questions?

email: info@tanyamfk.com

Our Happy Clients!

What I appreciate the most about working with Tanya is that she has all the hard knowledge to be a great mentor, and she also able to understand me at a deep level. Because of this, I can trust her and I feel like having a powerful ally on my journey. Working with Tanya saved me at least half the time I spent on the business. It also gained tools and frameworks that will continue to help me in my life
Aniss Mansouri
Working with Tanya has not only helped me move my business forward but she has shown me that I can do anything I set my mind to. She knows her stuff and she will teach you all the amazing ways to market, stay on track, and focused. She will help you to dig deeper to get the right clients. Tanya is so sweet but she will call you out when you are making up excuses and letting other things get in your way. Tanya knows her stuff, she is educated in so many areas as well. Working with Tanya has been a blessing. She has helped move me to the next level each time I work with her.
Debra Inverson
Deb’s Health & Fitness
She immediately clarified where we were, what we need to improve, and how to get things automated and streamlined in order to free up our time to focus on our business growth and vision. She showed up how to offer value to exponentially grow our mailing list and then how to engage our audience through email. She can help you in any situation: just starting out, stagnant, ready to grow, too many ideas, overwhelmed, any of it and all of it. She is like having a business partner that only cares about your success. Last but not least, it is a great personality to be around, trustworthy and fun.
Shi Yan Bo
Shaolin Temple, Kunming China

Tanya MFK

Your Coach & Program Guide

My name is Tanya Marie Figueras Kraisingr, and because that is crazy long to say and pronounce,  I go by Tanya MFK.

I am European Based Global Business Strategy Consultant for motivated and action focused Entrepreneurs & Business Owners.

I have a degree in Applied Neuroscience and have been in professional marketing and business development for over 18 years including at the corporate level with fortune 500 companies like Nestle and Whole Foods.

Tanya MFK’s M.A.A.P.S.S. System has been the backbone of profitability for Fortune 500 Companies & Business Owners since 2005.
Unique to address both personal development & business strategy, her mission is to eliminate the hustle lifestyle that keeps us from enjoying our best now while building a thriving business.


But wait, is this some sort of method?

NO. These are systems and processes built upon universal strategies put together in an accelerated coaching program with clear steps and feedback to quickly get your business in order to sell and serve.

Why So Fast?

You can make a bigger impact when you have income. You can focus on your customers, clients and product, instead of your mortgage payment. The sooner your business is up and functioning successfully, the sooner you can get more clients and customers. The sooner you get clients and customers, the more you can improve, develop, grow and scale your business. You have a bunch of strategies and tactics in your head already, but wisdom comes from experience. It's time for action.

When are the LIVE CALLS?

MONDAY: Live Lessons
8pm CET (Central European Time)
7pm London
2pm New York
11am Los Angeles
6 am Sydney (Tuesdays)

THURSDAY: Live Coaching
8pm CET (Central European Time)
7pm London
2pm New York
11am Los Angeles
6 am Sydney (Fridays)

What are the program dates?

March 29th - May 20th

How do we meet?

Via Zoom

How are you qualified to guide me?

I am a certified coach and consultant that has worked in business strategy, development and marketing for over 18 years. Working alongside Grammy nominated artists, million dollar start-ups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and retail at both national and international level with brands such as Nestle & Wholefoods I have a full spectrum of experience in all the options of creating a successful business.

What is the approximate time investment?

In general, I recommend entrepreneurs set aside at least 2 hours a day to grow their business. At minimum, including calls/lessons you want 4 hours a week to dedicate to the program. Variables such as the time it takes to make decisions will be entirely based on you. However you will have a coach and team to push you through to keep up momentum.

Are calls recorded?

Yes, they are, BUT (a big ol’ but) ...for personalized guidance and really hitting your goals each week, it is recommended that you attend each of the live calls. However you will still have private email support to address your business unique needs and feedback.

Where is the program hosted?

Your materials and replays will be available through our personal program platform. Additional program correspondence will be handled via email.

Is this refundable?

We will do our best to make reasonable accommodations should any circumstances arise that inhibit your your participation in the program. These will be determined on a case by case basis. As a standard in coaching and information products, this is not a refundable program. The sale is final. You should not invest in this program if you are on the fence. Join the free group, watch the free Youtube Channel, and schedule a free coaching session.

But I have a business that sells periwinkle blue pants with white flowers that can only be worn on Saturdays, can you help me?

Types of Businesses we’ve worked with:
Martial Arts Schools & Instructors Brick & Mortar Service & Retail Businesses Tech Developers, Designers and Trainers Schools & Training Facilities Professional Athlete Coaches Professional Athletes Teachers Medical Professionals Natural Products/CPG Executive Coaches Health & Wellness Coaches Therapists Television Personalities Fitness Coaches Film Producers Media Companies Spiritual & Heart Centered organizations Musicians & Artists Course Developers Executive & Start-up Teams Freelancers & Contractors Virtual Assistants Marketing Agencies Content Developers Non Profit and Charities

“You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems”

Workshops for Private Events & Organizations

Live Private Workshops for Organizations and Events are available upon request.  

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