“Tanya has shown me an entire different way to approach my goals to make them real and attainable.”
Mina Yi, Administrative Director IA Financial

Exact step-by-step plan of action to live your best life..right now

I want to eat better and workout
I want to make more money
I want to be slow to anger
I want to start that business
I want a better relationship with my spouse
I want more time with my kids
I want to learn to play the piano
I want to be calm and peaceful
I want to read more books. 
I want to travel


Design the Life You Want and Live it Now

Whatever you’re daydreaming about will stay a dream unless you take real steps and action towards it. 

But how? 

I waited until I lost my husband to cancer to wake up and live life right now. 

What will it be for you? 

A great life is just a series of well lived days…

So start with Today. 

We bring together neuroscience, psychology, strategy and processes to create our future now. 

  • No more running in 20 directions. 
  • Focus on what matters most 
  • Establish strong habits
  • Become the YOU, you want to be
  • Create the life you want. 
  • Stop dreaming of “Someday” 
  • Take action Now

What you do right now defines who you will be tomorrow.
Create Your Life Vision and the Future Self that will accomplish it.

Let’s create your Life Vision. Get specific on kicking that bucket list and living a bucket life. All the inspiration and hope in the world won’t replace getting face to face with real plans and making space for action. Work with support and accountability so you can no longer hide and play small. Learn how to design your success and implement tools into your everyday life.

A Skill That Technology Can't Beat

In this program you will:

  • Learn how to use proven neuroscience and psychology to shift to a mindset that supports your goals. 
  • Physically rewire your brain to create new habits. 
  • Design your Future Self and begin to live like that now
  • Manage your current demands and tasks load in a way to achieve what you want
  • Increase your productivity and focus
  • Create a Clear and Specific Life Plan for 21 Areas of your life




Video lessons


Worksheets & Exercises


Cool Teacher


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What's Inside

You Deserve to Enjoy Life Now

I put off living the good life until that magic day in the future when all the tasks would be done and I’d be basking in success. Instead I found myself a young widow with the regret of lost time.

You get to live your best life now. But it won’t just happen. It requires a plan and skill.

Create a schedule that connects your values, ambition, and vision into a guide for everyday life.


“Hustle culture creates a toxic environment that pressures people into working constantly, making them feel like they can never say no to an opportunity and missing out on life around them.
It’s time for a better way.”

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