A New Approach to Progress & Success

Yes. You can do it all.

Do it without missing deadlines, working more hours, sleeping less, skipping more events, or making it up next time.
Get the skills for the Time Management, Productivity, Mindset, Balance, Project Planning and JOY.
All wrapped into one daily scheduling process.
Priorities only get handled when you have the time, so let’s find the time.
We’ll work together step by step to crate a 30 day calendar strategy based on your specific personal appointments, obligations, goals and real life happening around you.

A Skill That Technology Can't Beat

The Plan that Meets ALL Your Goals

  • Create Morning & Evening Routines that Support your vision
  • Test top CEO daily practices for creating flow and peak states
  • Navigate all your current Obligations, Commitments and Events
  • Identify your true schedule and availability based on life around you
  • Learn the appointments every entrepreneur needs in their calendar for business success
  • Finish tasks more effectively using neuroscience based techniques such as batching
  • Craft your ideal day and scheduling for the life you want to live
  • Understand how to Decline, Delegate and Delay
  • Finalize your custom 30 day strategy plan with skills that you can use for life

includes 1 Private Coaching session with Tanya MFK




Video lessons


Worksheets & Exercises


Cool Teacher


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You Deserve to Enjoy Life Now

I put off living the good life until that magic day in the future when all the tasks would be done and I’d be basking in success. Instead I found myself a young widow with the regret of lost time.

You get to live your best life now. But it won’t just happen. It requires a plan and skill.

Create a schedule that connects your values, ambition, and vision into a guide for everyday life.


“Hustle culture creates a toxic environment that pressures people into working constantly, making them feel like they can never say no to an opportunity and missing out on life around them.
It’s time for a better way.”

Enroll in this Self-Paced Course Now

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